32mm Bar Cutter
Powerful and High Quality rebar cutting machine

32mm Bar Cutter
Powerful and High Quality rebar cutting machine

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Cutting Capacity10-32mm rebar (0.375-1.27in)
Power RequirementsSingle Phase, 220V, 60Hz
Motor3.0kW / 4HP
Weight616kg / 1,355 lb
Dimension (mm)(L) 800mm (W) 520 (H) 1,262mm
No. of bars the machine can cut at once
Diameter of rebar32mm25mm22mm19mm16mm13mm10mm
No. of rebars1112346


About our Single Phased 32mm Bar Cutter : TYC-D35

  1. The TYC-D35 has been designed based on the feedbacks of its machine operators. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation does not only focus on the quality of the machine, but we also focus on the quality of the experience of the machine operators of the TYC-D35 bar cutting machine. The rebar cutting machine has oil bathed lubrication gears to operate the machine smoothly with less noise. This makes the process of bar cutting stress-free because of too much noise while cutting rebars.
  2. The TYC-D35 was sensitively designed up to the smallest details. The general rebar cutter has a no sticking phenomenon of crank even after a long period of no usage of the machine. This makes the bar cutter relatively easier to maintain.
  3. Our rebar cutting machine comes with cutter blades that is extremely durable as it is made with high quality materials that can withstand heavy usage if properly used. All 4 sides of the cutter blades can be used for cutting rebars. This means, that if one side of the cutter blade is worn out, the machine operator simply has to rotate the cutter blades to an unused side. Proper rebar cutting practice will prolong the lifespan of the sides of the cutter blades. How to properly cut rebars with the machine can be found in the machine manual as well as the videos uploaded in our website and Youtube channel.
  4. Do not let the term general rebar cutter fool you as our TYC-D35 electric bar cutter has a powerful and precise cutting performance that can cut up to 32mm diameter rebars with ease.The TYC-D35 is equipped with a 4 horse power motor that makes the bar cutter an easy time to cut through 32mm diameter rebars with ease. The electric rebar cutting machine can cut up to 6 pieces of 10mm diameter rebars at once. The bar cutting machine can cut up to 4 pieces of 13mm rebars and 3 pieces of 16mm rebars at once.  This makes the electric cutter such a reliable equipment for general construction projects that require fast cutting of rebars in a short amount of time.
  5. The TYC-D35 is equipped with a pulling knob that makes the cutting of rebars so easy for the machine operator. After properly placing the rebar that needs to be cut, the machine operator has to make sure that the rebar has been properly placed in the bar stopper to prevent the machine operators from getting injured. Once the rebar is properly placed, the machine operator simply has to pull on the pulling knob in order to activate the machine to engage in rebar cutting.
  6. The rebar cutting machine has a back plate installed behind the cutting blade to prevent rebars being stuck while in the process of cutting. The machine was designed for optimal performance without malfunctions during the process of cutting rebars.
  7. The rebar cutting machine is a single phased machine. This means that the electric rebar cutter is compatible with the power supply at home of most households here in the Philippines. The electric bar cutter is operational with 220 volts.
  8. Although the machine is built with high quality parts, improper handling of the machine will lead to machine damage and malfunction. The interior electric motor must not be exposed to rain as this will cause the motor to be damaged which will halt the machine from working. This in return will cause delay in the production of rebars. Moreover, this may also injure the machine operator in the process. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation greatly values the safety of the machine operators and thus we highly recommend the machine operators to follow the instructions found in the machine manual as well as the demo of machines by our technicians upon delivery.

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Powerful and High Quality rebar cutting machine

  1. Ye Kwon

    This 32mm bar cutter is extremely powerful and efficient. It is very easy to use as well. Thank you CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation!

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