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As the exclusive distributor of TAEYEON B&C rebar bender and rebar cutters, we offer unrivaled services for our clients

As the exclusive distributor of TAEYEON B&C bar cutting machines and bar bending machines manufactured in South Korea here in the Philippines for over a decade, we have the privilege to provide our valuable clients with unrivaled sales and after sales services.

Consultation Service for the Optimal Bar Bender & Bar Cutter


Consult with our sales team to choose the right bar bender & bar cutter that fits your requirements


Our sales team will check the availability of the bar bender & bar cutter that is needed by our clients

sending-quotation-for-bar-bender-and-bar-cutter-cnb-machinery-and-steel-corp (1)

Our sales team will immediately craft and send the quotation for the bar bender & bar cutter

Spare Parts Inquiry Assistance Service for the Bar Cutter & Bar Bender of our clients


Our sales team will endorse the spare parts inquiry of our clients to the inventory team


Our inventory team will check the availability of the spare parts in our warehouse


Our sales team will send the quotation for the spare parts once ready

Book our bar bending machine & bar cutting machine repair service


Our after sales team first consults with the client to gather information about the machine damage via Google Meet, Zoom, Mobile Call and Messages


We offer on-site bar bender & bar cutter repair services done by our technicians for electrical damage and other minor damages


We pull out the bar bender & bar cutter of clients and repair their machines in our warehouse for mechanical repair and other major repair


Our rebar bending machines and rebar cutting machines are renowned for their durability and high performance. We have clients who still use their machines that they purchased more than 10 years ago. However, all machines start deteriorating after long years of usage, and it will be prone to more damages and malfunctions. With this in mind, we are currently offering trade-in services to our clients who would want to upgrade their machines into new bar benders and bar cutters. Please do not hesitate to inquire, and our sales team will gladly assist you!

Mobile Phone

You can reach our Sales Department Team by calling the following numbers for any inquiries or concerns: 09178837792 09178837793 


You can easily reach out to our team at [email protected] if you have any concerns with your electric rebar cutter or electric rebar bender through email.


You may choose to send us a direct message in our Facebook Page to address your concerns.


You can also reach out to our sales and after sales team directly via Viber message or call for any questions or inquiries: 09178837792 09178837793


You can dial (02) 8824-6386 or (02) 8824-6391 to consult with our Sales Department right away! 

CNB Machinery services Philippines nationwide

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation provides rebar handling solutions nationwide

We take pride in providing rebar cutters and rebar benders of the highest quality to ensure the success of our clients' projects as well as the safety of the machine handlers. Our rebar cutting machine and rebar bending machine have been manufactured to perform. We do not only supply high quality bar cutters and bar benders, but we also are equipped with all the spare parts that our machines need in our warehouse that our valued clients may urgently need. Our experienced technicians have the skill to repair the bar cutters and bar benders on site or in house to its original performance. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation is the Specialists for Deformed Bar Cutter and Deformed Bar Benders in the Philippines.

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