CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation – Your number 1 option for Powerful and High Quality Rebar Cutters and Benders

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation
is the Home of Rebar Bender and Rebar Cutters in the Philippines

We take great pride in providing our valued clients with the latest technology in the bar-bending, bar-cutting machines, and other light equipment as well as our unrivaled after-sales service and dedication to our clients for their success.

Continuously optimizing our direction to be more client-centric, we exert and invest to improve our customer experience. From ready on hand spare parts in warehouse for our clients to transparent warranty period services - CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation puts great weight and importance in the client experience. You can count on us when it comes to rebar benders and rebar cutters! 

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation longs to share the CNB experience to everyone we come in contact with - from procurement officers to the construction workers and machine operators. Everyone is CNB's partner.



To supply our valued clients with their immediate needs from high-quality industrial equipment to commercial equipment accompanied by our unrivaled service.


To become a globally recognized trading company that provides solutions that transcends barriers between industries and to continuously redefine customer service across all markets we cater to.

Core Values


We believe that respect is the most essential building block of the relationships we have with our valued clients. We provide parallel respect to our potential clients as we do to our existing clients. We show respect to our clients by providing high quality rebar bender and rebar cutters, along with unmatched after sales service in the form of ready on hand spare parts and machine repair service.


We uphold ethical and moral standards to the highest degree in all aspects of services that we cater to. We believe that what we internalize in our company is also naturally externalized to our clients in the form of intellectual and financial honesty.


We take pride in supplying only the best rebar bending machines and rebar cutting machines in the industry with unrivaled quality to our clients. We firmly believe that our client's success is also our success. We will do our very best to aid our clients in their project with our bar bender and bar cutter.


We believe that the relationship that we have with our clients do not end once they purchase our rebar bending machines and rebar cutting machines. We do not only provide reliable machines to our clients. Our after sales service ensures our clients the holistic customer experience they truly deserve.


Our company has been carefully organized to best cater to the interests of our valued clients. Our employees have unmatched synergy, motivated to provide our clients with the best customer journey in the industry.


We believe that our company has been built on the trust that our clients have for us- which continues to grow as the year goes by. As the leader in the market in terms of bar-bending and bar-cutting machines, we believe that the trust our clients have in us is our greatest badge of honor. We will continue to strive for excellence across all aspects of our services.

CNB Machinery services Philippines nationwide

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation provides rebar handling solutions nationwide

We take pride in providing rebar cutters and rebar benders of the highest quality to ensure the success of our clients' projects as well as the safety of the machine handlers. Our rebar cutting machine and rebar bending machine have been manufactured to perform. We do not only supply high quality bar cutters and bar benders, but we also are equipped with all the spare parts that our machines need in our warehouse that our valued clients may urgently need. Our experienced technicians have the skill to repair the bar cutters and bar benders on site or in house to its original performance. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation is the Specialists for Deformed Bar Cutter and Deformed Bar Benders in the Philippines.

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