32mm Bar Bender
Powerful and precise Rebar bender for General construction

32mm Bar Bender
Powerful and precise Rebar bender for General construction

general rebar bender machine machine

Bending Angle180° / 5 seconds
Bending Capacity10-32mm rebar(0.375-1.27 in)
Power RequirementsSingle phase, 220V,60Hz
Weight180kg / 396lbs
Dimension (mm)(L) 673mm (W) 500mm (H) 447mm
No. of bars the machine can bend at once
Diameter of rebar32mm25mm22mm19mm16mm13mm10mm
No. of rebars1122346


About our Single Phased 32mm Bar Bender : TYB-D35

  1. The TYB-D35 has been designed in order to provide its machine operators with a better rebar bending experience. The general rebar bender has a dual adjustable device that allows the rebar bender to bend rebars in 2 different angles that can tremendously save work time and increase the production of rebars. The electric rebar bending machine has been designed perfectly for general construction projects.
  2. The TYB-D35 is a rebar bender has been designed with the most optimal technology based on the feedback of its operators. The general rebar bender was designed with an addition of foot-switch that guarantees the safe operation of the machine. The addition of 2 foot switches makes rebar bending in 2 different angles much easier for the machine operators. The first footswitch can be assigned for the bar bending of the angle in Point 1. The second footswitch can be assigned for the bar bending of the angle in Point 2. An in depth demonstration video can be accessed in our Youtube channel, or you may choose to go through the machine manual of the TYB-D35. Here in CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation, we value the experience of the machine operators while bending rebars using our electric rebar benders.
  3. Despite being a relatively compact machine, it has an excellent bending performance that can bend up to 32mm rebars. The electric general rebar bender is equipped with a 2 horsepower motor that allows the machine to bend 32mm rebars in 4 seconds. The general rebar bender is capable of bending up to 6 pieces of 10mm rebars. The bar bending machine can bend up to 4 pieces of 13mm rebars, 3 pieces of 16mm rebars, and 2 pieces of 22mm rebars with ease. You may refer to the machine manual for the proper way of bending rebars using the general bender, and also may choose to watch the video uploaded on Youtube. Not following the proper instructions when bending rebars using the TYB-D35 may lead to unwanted electrical and mechanical damages in the bar bender. But rest assured, in the case of machine malfunction, you simply can contact us our after sales department for immediate assistance.
  4. Our general bar bending machine is lightweight and can be easily loaded to the trunk of a car when it needs to be moved to a different construction site. When you need to move the electric general rebar bender to a different location within the construction site, it only takes 3-4 people to carry the machine. The bar bender is only 180 kilograms (kg).
  5. As mentioned above, the compact rebar bender can bend the rebars into 2 different angles with ease with the help of the angle setting point and the footswitches. The bending process of stirrup and hoop allows the minimum bend bar-end length 4-6cm (1.57-2.36 inches).
  6. The TYB-D35 is designed with a smart system that assists the machine. The machine has a proximity switch installed that recognizes the angle that has been set and will make sure that the rotating rollers will only rotate until the designated angle. The proximity switch is also backed up with a limit switch - in the case of an error and malfunction of the proximity switch. The general bar bender has been designed for the optimal bar bending experience for the machine operators. The smart system also prevents the machine operators from injury in the case of machine malfunction.
  7. The machine is a single phased machine. This means that the bar bending machine is compatible with the power supply at home of most households here in the Philippines. The rebar bending machine is operational with 220 volts.

Heavy duty rebar bender for the bending of 42mm rebars and below | Heavy duty bar bender for the bending of 36mm rebars and below | Compact bar bender for the bending of 25mm rebars and below | Youtube video on the introduction of the TYB-D35 | Youtube video on the different combination of rollers of the TYB-D35 

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How to operate your TYB-D35 bar bender?


Step 1: Insert the plug of the bar bender to the power source


Step 2: Place the rebar in between the rollers, and adjust the bar stopper


Step 3: Adjust the angle of the bend you want your rebars to bend into (2 angle points)


Step 4: Press on the foot switches to start bending

More videos of our 32mm Rebar Bender : TYB-D35

Our TYB-D35 is the optimum bar bender in the general construction projects here in the Philippines and in the globe as well. It can bend from 10mm rebars up to 32mm rebars. It can quickly bend rebars, and is made with high quality parts. More of all, all the spare parts are ready and on hand in our warehouse. We highly recommend our bar bender for those who would want to get the best ROI!

Combination of Rollers of our 32mm Bar Bender

This video shows the roller combination of our 32mm bar bender that can bend until 32mm rebars

32mm bar bender bending rebars

This video shows our TYB-D35 bar bender in action bending a 32mm rebar

Making square stirrups with our bar bender

This video shows our TYB-D35 bar bender making square rebar  stirrups

Bending multiple rebars using our TYB-D35 bar bender

This video shows the roller combination of our 32mm bar bender that can bend until 32mm rebars

Bending 32mm rebar using our TYB-D35 bar bender

The video shows the machine operator bending a 32mm rebar using our TYB-D35 electric rebar bender.

FAQs about our 32mm Bar Bender: TYB-D35

1.  When do you recommend we use the TYB-D35? 

We highly recommend our TYB-D35 when the project of our clients are general construction projects like residential construction, building constructions and even civil projects that require rebars that are 10mm up to 32mm diameter rebars.

2.  What is the maximum number of 10mm diameter rebars that can be bent with the bar bender? 

Our TYB-D35 can bend a maximum of 6 pieces of 10mm rebars at once. This can help the speed of rebar fabrication in the construction site.

3.  What is the maximum angle that the rebars can be bent with the TYB-D35 rebar bender? 

The maximum bending angle of our rebar bending machine is 180°.

4.  Do you have spare parts ready on hand in your warehouse? 

Yes. As the exclusive distributor of TAEYEON B&C rebar benders and rebar cutters here in the Philippines for over a decade, we have the privilege and responsibility of providing unrivaled after sales service to our clients. You may inquire using the contact us page here in the website, email us at [email protected]  or simply call us in our mobile number or landline.


For any other questions, feel free to contact our sales team! When it comes to your rebar bender and rebar cutter requirements, the answer is CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation! 

Pictures of our 32mm Rebar Bending Machine TYB-D35 in Construction Sites


Our rebar bender TYB-D35 delivered for bulk order


Our bar bender TYB-D35 making stirrups


Our rebar bending machine can bend up to 32mm rebars


Bar Bender TYB-D35 in a construction site


One of our most sought after rebar bender model TYB-D35


Our rebar bending machine TYB-D35 is durable and accurate


Bar Bending Machine delivered to our client


Our bar bending machine is easy to operate and handle


Our bar bender will make rebar fabrication much quicker and safer

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Powerful and precise Rebar bender for General construction

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    It’s amazing that the TYB-D35 is a single phased machine. Very powerful and high performing! Thank you.

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