Automatic Line

Why choose our Automatic Line?

Automatic lines are used for mass fabrication of rebars that are bent or cut in the length and angle that is required by the project. We take great pride in providing high quality automatic rebar bending and rebar cutting lines here in the Philippines, equipped with transparent warranty periods, as well as ready on hand spare parts and experienced technicians for on site and in house machine repairs. Automatic lines are manufactured in an order basis.

The Automatic Lines trusted by the leading Rebar Fabricators of the Philippines

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation has been supplying TAEYEON B&C electric bar cutters and bar benders in the Philippines and the exclusive distributor for over a decade. As the exclusive distributor, we have the privilege to serve our partners and clients with unrivaled service. The automatic lines are manufactured in South Korea in an order basis.

We have installed automatic rebar bending lines and automatic rebar cutting lines in major rebar fabricating factories and sites in the Philippines.

Unrivaled After Sales Service for our Automatic lines

As the exclusive distributor of TAEYEON B&C rebar cutters and rebar benders, we are able to provide an unrivaled after sales service to our valued clients. Our warehouse has the complete spare parts for the automatic rebar bending line and automatic rebar cutting line. We also provide machine repair services for our automatic lines. This is possible because we have a roster of highly experienced technicians who can repair our clients’ automatic lines on-site and in our warehouse.

For clients interested in purchasing spare parts or are in need of their automatic lines to be repaired, kindly fill up the form by clicking this link. You may also directly call our after sales team by dialing 09178837792 or 09178837793 for mobile and (02) 8824-6386 or (02) 8824-6391 for landline.