42mm Automatic Bar Bender (Automatic Line)

42mm Automatic Bar Bender (Automatic Line)

Bending form (based on 25mm rebars)
Single anchorA(Min) : 100mm
A(Max) : Unlimited
Double anchorA(Min) : 75mm
A(Max) : 10,000mm
Capacity10mm-42mm (0.375-1.65 in)Power3 Phase AC 220-415V, 50/60Hz
Angle15° - 180°Conveyor Speed5.3m / min
Roller68, 108, 148, 164 diameter, R-JigRotating Arm Speed180° / 4.5 seconds
Total Weight4,400kg (Loading weight: 2,000kg)Dimension(L) 12,000 x (W) 2,500 x (H) 1,536
MotorBending Machine: 3.7kW (3p) / Supply Table 1.5kW (3p, Geared Motor)
Bars to bend at a time
Bar Diameter / mm10mm13mm16mm19mm22mm25mm
Bar Diameter / inch#3 (0.375 in)#4 (0.50 in)#5 (0.675 in)#6 (0.75 in)#7 (0.875 in)#8 (1.00 in)
Number of rebars643321
Roller68 diameters108 diameters148 diameters
Bars to bend at a time
Bar Diameter / mm29mm32mm35mm38mm42mm
Bar Diameter / inch#9 (1.128 in)#10 (1.27 in)#11 (1.41 inches)1.50 in#14 (1.65 in)
Number of rebars11111
Roller164 diameters


Introducing our 42mm Automatic Bar Bender (Automatic line) : TAB-HD42N

Automatic lines are a whole different level compared to our semi automatic bar benders. Our semi automatic models like the 25mm cap electric bar bending machine the TYB-D26, our 32mm cap electric bar bending machine the TYB-D35, our 36mm electric bar bender the TYB-HD42A and out 42mm cap electric bar bending machine the TYB-HD42D are designed for the  construction industry – perfect for contractors and partners of contractors.

Who do we recommend to use the TAB-HD42N 42mm Automatic Bar Bender?

The TAB-HD42N automatic bar bending machine is highly recommended for rebar production and fabrication plants who will need to mass produce rebars on a daily  basis. This requires tonnes and tonnes of rebars every single day. Our TAB-HD42N has been designed to withstand heavy workload, and to automize some of the manual movements that are needed in our semi-automatic rebar bender.

The TAB-HD42N is a powerful and efficient bar bending machine equipped with the latest technology for precise bending of rebars in great numbers. As seen in the table below, the automatic bar cutter’s maximum capacity is cutting 1 piece of 42mm rebars at once up to 6 pieces of 10mm rebars at once. The machine is equipped with an input and discharge conveyer that can allows the machine operators to easily load and unload the rebars from the machine.

To view our semi automatic machines, visit our Youtube channel here and watch exclusive videos by CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation on the machines demonstrations and tips.


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42mm Automatic Bar Bender (Automatic Line)”

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