Blog 7 – Spare Parts are readily available for all our Bar Bender and Bar Cutters

Spare Parts

You do not have to wait for the availability of spare parts here in CNB!

How many times have you wrestled with the supplier because of the unavailability of the spare parts that is needed for your rebar bending machine or rebar cutting machine? Here in CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation, we make sure that the spare parts of our bar cutter and bar benders are all readily available in our warehouse. From bar cutter blades to the engines of our rebar bender and rebar cutters, we always update our inventory to make sure that the spare parts that our clients actively are in need are readily available.

We take the title Home of Rebar Handling Machines very Seriously

We always place ourselves in the shoes of those purchasing the machines and spare parts as well as those operating the machines. Machine breakdowns are always a headache – whether it be from long usage or due to incorrect usage. A broken electric rebar bender or rebar cutter will tremendously slow down the production of rebars in the construction site. This is why we have in our warehouse a fully stocked inventory of items that are needed for our valued clients.

You are one call or one message away from receiving the Spare Parts you need!

You are just one call away, or one message away from ordering and receiving the spare parts you need for your rebar bending machine or your rebar cutting machine. What makes it even better is that you do not have to wait months for the spare parts to arrive because the parts are readily available in our warehouse. Simply call us at (02) 8824-6386 or (02) 8824-6391 for landline calls, or 09178837792 or 09178837793 for mobile calls. You may also email us at [email protected] or fill up the form with what items you are in need for your bar cutter or bar bender here. For simple trouble shooting videos, kindly watch the videos in our Youtube channel here.