Our 32mm Bar Cutter, the resilient fighter of project sites

32mm Bar Cutter

What sets the TYC-D35 apart from the other 32mm bar cutters in the market?

Time in again, when procurement officers and potential clients would email or give us a call about our 32mm bar cutter (TYC-D35) asking, “What makes the bar cutter so special?” we can’t help but smile. For over a decade, our 32mm bar cutter has been the industry standard when it comes to cutting 32mm diameter rebars for project sites. There are many brands and many suppliers in the market whose strategy is to provide cheap machines in order to make sales. Our goal is to provide solutions – not sales.  So what is the answer to the question? Our 32mm bar cutter has been widely sought after the past decade because of 3 main reasons – quality, durability and performance. 

QUALITY – Machines, Spare Parts, and After Sales

When purchasing a bar cutter from CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation, what comes along with it is decade long experience that we have as a company. High quality machines must come with high quality service. The quality of the materials that form our bar cutter is reputably known as the highest quality in the market. From the engine motors to the cutter blades, our bar cutter has been assembled only with the best quality parts. Moreover,  our 32mm bar cutter is equipped with a client centric warranty period.

We provide 1 year warranty for the service for brand new machines, 6 months warranty for spare parts and 1 month warranty for motors. (For the spare parts and motor, warranty is given depending on the inspection of our technicians to determine the cause) Our warehouse also is equipped with the complete spare parts that the 32mm bar cutter needs in the case of machine repair.

DURABILITY – Designed for heavy duty work

The 32mm bar cutter TYC-D35 has been created to aid the construction workers during their long work hours. If the machine frequently breaks down due to heavy usage – how can it be called a good machine. Our 32mm bar cutter is not only built with high quality parts, but it is also expected to actually live up to its purpose – which is to cut, cut, and cut. Equipped with a powerful 4 horsepower motor, the 32mm bar cutter is guaranteed to cruise through long work hours with your construction workers and machine operators.

PERFORMANCE – Continuously accurate throughout time

Our 32mm bar cutter is known for its accurate cutting while being extremely simple to operate. All sides of our cutter blades of our 32mm bar cutter can be used for cutting which makes is extremely effective and long lasting. Our 32mm bar cutter is also equipped with a timer set that can greatly sense an uneven power supply. Once the timer set detects an uneven power supply, it will automatically shut the machine down to protect the machine operator from any potential injuries.

However, the effect of time has control of everything here on earth – and machines are not exempted. This is why we take great pride in our after sales service. We are reachable across multiple platforms – from phone calls, emails to social media messengers, we are eager to assist our valued clients in any assistance they need. Moreover, our experienced technicians are ready on hand for on site machine repair as well as in-house machine repair. Our technicians can repair our clients’ bar cutter from anytime between 1 to 4 days to its original performance.


CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation takes pride in providing only the best 32mm bar cutter in the market.  You may watch the video of the machine here