The 42mm Bar Cutter that turns rebars into butter

42mm bar cutter

The Bar Cutter that turns 42mm diameter rebars into butter

Cutting rebars definitely is not an easy task. What more if the rebar is 42mm in diameter right? Our 42mm bar cutter – the TYC-HD42A is the perfect solution for that task. Equipped with a 5 horsepower motor, the 42mm bar cutter has been designed to power through countless work hours with your foremen and construction personnel. We are not talking about easily cutting through 12mm rebars, 25mm or 36mm rebars. We would recommend our TYC-D35 rebar cutter for requirements up to 32mm rebars which can be found here.

Our TYC-HD42A has been designed to cut up to 42mm diameter rebars. Watching the video here will make it easier for you to visualize the power of our 42mm bar cutter. In the latter part of the video, you can see how the 42mm rebars are cut like butter with our TYC-HD42A. Our machine has been designed for civil construction projects that require fast cutting of rebars in the site. Not only is the machine powerful, but it is also very easy to operate. This is why we believe that our 42mm bar cutter is your perfect partner in your construction project sites.

Designed for an optimal cutting experience

Our TYC-HD42A 42mm bar cutter has been designed for the optimal cutting experience of the machine operators. The heavy duty machine is equipped with a one touch system that makes the cutting process smooth and safe for the machine operator. After properly placing the rebar, securing it with the bar stopper, the machine operator simply has to pull the pulling knob of the bar cutter to begin cutting rebars. The semi automatic process makes rebar cutting very easy for the machine operators.

The TYC-H42A 42mm bar cutter that can cut up to 42mm rebars is equipped with high quality rebar cutter blades. Our rebar cutter blades are very efficient as all four sides of the rebar cutter blades can be used for cutting, giving it an extended lifespan. Watch the video here in order to learn the step by step process on how to replace the rebar cutter blades of your TYC-HD42A. You may also check the video in our machine 101 page here.

The TYC-HD42A 42mm bar cutter, just like the rest of our rebar handling machines was sensitively designed up to the smallest details. The heavy duty electric rebar cutter has a no sticking phenomenon of crank even after a long period of no usage of the machine. This makes the heavy duty bar cutter relatively easier to maintain. The 42mm bar cutter has been designed based on the feedbacks of its machine operators.The electric rebar cutter has oil bathed lubrication gears to operate the machine smoothly with less noise. This makes the process of bar cutting stress-free because of too much noise while cutting rebars.

Machine Safety Precautions to note

Although the machine is built with high quality parts, improper handling of the machine will lead to machine damage and malfunction. The interior electric motor must not be exposed to rain as this will cause the motor to be damaged which will halt the machine from working. This in return will cause delay in the production of rebars. Moreover, this may also injure the machine operator in the process. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation greatly values the safety of the machine operators and thus we highly recommend the machine operators to follow the instructions found in the machine manual as well as the demo of machines by our technicians upon delivery.

In the case of machine malfunction, please do not hesitate to contact our after sales team for immediate assistance. If you are interested in the machine and would like to consult with one of our sales team, feel free to contact our sales representatives through the following numbers. If reaching via telephone, kindly call us through (02) 8824-6386 or (02) 8824-6391. If reaching via mobile phone, kindly call us through 09178837792 or 09178837793. If you would like to email us, simply send us an email at [email protected] for immediate assistance. You can also choose to inquire to our Facebook Page.

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