How to properly cut rebars using your bar cutting machine?

properly cut rebars using bar cutting machine

How do you properly cut rebars using your bar cutting machine?

How do you cut your rebars using a bar cutting machine? Do you pile up rebars thinking that it will be an effective way to quickly cut many rebars at once? Although this method may work, it comes with a cost that may not be worth it. Although the bar cutter may be able to cut through the rebars this way, unbeknownst to the machine operators, this way of cutting rebars will give a lot of stress to the parts of the bar cutting machine.

CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation values the health and safety of the machine operators of our electric bar cutting machine. We believe that following instructions is the most efficient way of cutting rebars. Our machines TYC-D35 (our 32mm bar cutting machine) and our TYC-HD42A (our 42mm bar cutting machine) have guidelines on the maximum number of rebars it can cut depending on the diameter of the rebars. We highly recommend the rebars to be horizontally aligned before the machine operator begins to cut.

If the machine operator continues to cut rebars by pilling up rebars in order to cut more rebars at once, it will shorten the life-expectancy and performance of the bar cutter blades and the internal parts of the machines. Rather than making your bar cutting machines go through unnecessary stress and damages. Simply following the instructions of the cutting guidelines will be an important factor in determining the lifespan of your bar cutters.

Watch the video here to watch the machine demonstration of our TYC-HD42A cutting the rebars. As seen in the video, the machine operator does not pile up rebars, but carefully follows the instructions on the guidelines for the number of rebars that he can cut using the TYC-HD42A. To check more guidelines on our bar cutting machines, you may click here for our TYC-D35 and here for our TY-HD42A.