32mm Spiral Rebar Bender
Powerful Spiral Bar Bending Machine for Civil Engineering

32mm Spiral Rebar Bender
Powerful Spiral Bar Bending Machine for Civil Engineering

Bending Angle360°
Bending Capacity10-32mm rebar(0.375 - 1.27 in)
Motor3.7kW (5hP)
Power Requirements3 phase, 220V, 60Hz
Weight535kg / 1,177lb
Dimension (mm)(L) 838mm, (W) 846mm, (H) 915mm
Mini/Max300 - 6,000mm


About our 32mm Electric Spiral Rebar Bender

  1. The TYR-HD32A electric spiral rebar bender has been designed in order to provide its machine operators with a better rebar bending experience.  The heavy duty rebar bender has a dual adjustable device that allows the bar bender to bend rebars in 2 different angles that can tremendously save work time and increase the production of rebars. The electric spiral bar bender has been designed perfectly for civil construction projects that require a variety of rebar bending work like bridge construction, subway work, and also for land base pilling work.
  2. The TYR-HD32A spiral rebar bender has been carefully designed for the optimal spiral bending of rebars with ease. The electric spiral rebar bender is simple and easy to use as it is operated with simple buttons that the machine operator can easily navigate and use.
  3. The machine operator simply has to turn the on button on to activate the spiral rebar bender. Once the on button has been pressed, the rollers will start rotating. The machine operator will then simply have to properly align the rebar of choice and guide the rebar as it is inserted in between the rollers for the spiral bending. The machine operator will have to be mindful of the rollers and will have to carefully observe the rebars as it is being spirally being bent to avoid any unwanted injuries. The spiral bar bender has been designed for the comfort and safety of its valued operators so the machine operators simply have to be aware and sharp while operating the machine.
  4. The diameter of spirally bent rebar ranges from 300mm to 6,000mm. This allows the spiral bar bender to provide spirally bent rebars from a variety of diameters that are suitable for different civil engineering requirements. As mentioned above, the spiral rebar bender can be used for a variety of requirements in civil construction projects like bridge construction, subway work, and also for land base pilling work.
  5. The spiral bar bender is equipped with a 5 horse power motor that gives the machine a powerful bending capability. The machine’s powerful bending performance can spirally bend up to 32mm. It will only take 12 seconds to bend a 32mm to 360°. The machine can efficiently bend rebars in the construction site as it is a heavy duty machine built to withstand hard work.
  6. Even though the machine is a heavy duty machine, it is extremely easy and simple to use. The spiral rebar bending machine was designed with the highest quality parts with an extremely simple machine operation process. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation adhered to the feedback and comments of the machine operator’s experience and continuously makes improvements in the machine and services.
  7. The spiral rebar bender is a triple phased machine. Make sure to properly phase the machines before proceeding with the bending of rebars in order to prevent any electrical damage that may not only halt the machine but may also hurt the machine operator.
  8. Although the machine is built with high quality parts, improper handling of the machine will lead to machine damage and malfunction. The interior electric motor must not be exposed to rain as this will cause the motor to be damaged which will halt the machine from working. This in return will cause delay in the production of spirally bent rebars. Moreover, this may also injure the machine operator in the process. CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation greatly values the safety of the machine operators and thus we highly recommend the machine operators to follow the instructions found in the machine manual as well as the demo of machines by our technicians upon delivery.

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