25mm Hydraulic Rebar Cutter
Precise and High Quality Bar Cutter

25mm Hydraulic Rebar Cutter
Precise and High Quality Bar Cutter

rebar handy cutter machine manual

Cutting Capacity10-25mm rebar (0.375-1.00in)
Cutting Speed4 seconds
Power RequirementsSingle Phase, 220V, 60Hz
MotorAC 2.1kW
Weight23kg / 51lb
Dimension (mm)(L) 500mm (W) 157mm (H) 250mm
OilSHELL tellus #46 / ATF20
No. of bars the machine can cut at once
Diameter of rebar25mm22mm19mm16mm13mm10mm
No. of rebars111123



About our Single Phased Hydraulic Rebar Cutter : TYC-NHD25

  1. The TYC-NHD25 hydraulic rebar cutter is simple and easy to use as it is operated with a one-touch type system. The machine operator simply has to properly align the rebar and secure the rebar with the bar stopper and proceed to press the deco switch that will activate the electric handy rebar cutter to push the cutter blades closer to the rebar to engage in cutting. The bar cutter has been designed for the comfort and safety of its valued operators.
  2. Even though it is a portable cutter, it has a powerful and precise cutting performance that can cut up to 25mm diameter rebars with ease. The hydraulic rebar cutter can cut up to 3 pieces of 10mm diameter rebars at once. This makes the electric cutter such a reliable equipment for general construction projects that require fast cutting of rebars.
  3. Although it is a handy cutter, the bar cutter is equipped with a 2 horsepower motor that allows the electric handy rebar cutter to cut rebars up to 25mm diameters in only 4 seconds.  The rapid cutting speed allows its operators to quickly cut through rebars that increases production speed.
  4. Our hydraulic cutter comes with cutter blades that is extremely durable as it is made with high quality materials that can withstand heavy usage if properly used. All 4 sides of the cutter blades can be used for cutting rebars. This means, that if one side of the cutter blade is worn out, the machine operator simply has to rotate the cutter blades to an unused side.
  5. As the name suggests, the TYC-NHD25 is a hydraulic rebar cutter. It is lightweight and easy to carry. as it is only 23 kilograms (kg)/51 pounds (lbs). This allows the machine operators to freely move while holding the electric handy rebar cutter. This gives the machine operator more freedom while operating the bar cutter.
  6. The TYC-NHD25 is a bar cutter has been designed with the most optimal technology based on the feedback of its operators. The hydraulic cutter was designed to have less operation noise when engaged in cutting rebars. Here in CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation, we value the experience of the machine operators while cutting rebars using our electric rebar cutters.
  7. The TYC-NHD25 hydraulic rebar cutter is an electrically driven machine with a hydraulic system. This is why it is important to follow proper instructions when using the electric cutter when cutting rebars. The machine must be handled with professional care so that the machine operator can prevent any unwanted damages which may cause delay in the rebar production.
  8. The electric handy rebar cutter is a single phased machine. This means that the electric handy rebar cutter is compatible with the power supply at home of most households here in the Philippines. The electric handy rebar cutter is operational with 220 volts.
  9. Although the TYC-NHD25 portable hydraulic rebar cutter is a powerful and reliable machine, we highly recommend that the machine operators of the electric handy rebar cutter to operator the machine up to 2 hours with a 15 to 30 minute rest period. As mentioned earlier, the TYC-NHD25 is an electric cutter that has a hydraulic system. If the machine is operated roughly without following the instructions, it can lead to electrical and mechanical damages in the machine that can lead the bar cutter to not function properly. We highly recommend our valued clients to follow the instructions in the machine manual and our tutorial videos online on how to properly operate the TYC-NHD25 hydraulic rebar cutter.

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How to operate your TYC-NHD25 hydraulic rebar cutter

hydraulic-rebar-cutter-step-1-2 (1)

Step 1: Insert the plug of the hydraulic rebar cutter to the power source

hydraulic-rebar-cutter-step-2 (1)

Step 2: Tighten the bar stopper of the hydraulic rebar cutter


Step 3: Properly secure the rebar on the bar stopper to avoid whiplash


Step 4: Press on the deco switch multiple times until the cutter blades reaches the rebar. Once reached, pleasse until the rebars have been fully cut.

More videos of our 25mm Rebar Cutter : TYC-NHD25


Watch this video to experience what it is like to operate our portable hydraulic rebar cutter TYC-NHD25

Cutting deformed bars with our bar cutter

Watch the video and see the capacity of our hydraulic rebar cutter. It demonstrates the bar cutter cutting 10 to 25mm rebars.


Watch the video that informs the machine operators of the TYC-NHD25 rebar cutting machine on how to use the bar cutter

FAQs about our 25mm portable hydraulic rebar cutter: TYC-NHD25

1.  When do you recommend we use the TYC-NHD25? 

We highly recommend our TYC-NHD25 when the project of our clients are general construction projects like residential projects and low storey buildings. Our rebar cutter can cut from 10mm to 25mm diameter rebars / deformed bars. More over, because it is only 23kg it is portable, giving more flexibility of movement for the machine operator.

2.  What is the maximum number of 10mm diameter rebars that can be cut with the bar cutter? 

Our TYC-NHD25 can cut a maximum of 3 pieces of 10mm rebars at once. This can help the speed of rebar fabrication in the construction site.

3.  What is the maximum diameter of deformed bars that can be cut using the TYC-NHD25? 

The maximum diameter that you can cut with our TYC-NHD25 is 25mm rebars .

4.  Do you have spare parts ready on hand in your warehouse? 

Yes. As the exclusive distributor of TAEYEON B&C rebar benders and rebar cutters here in the Philippines for over a decade, we have the privilege and responsibility of providing unrivaled after sales service to our clients. You may inquire using the contact us page here in the website, email us at [email protected]  or simply call us in our mobile number or landline.


For any other questions, feel free to contact our sales team! When it comes to your rebar bender and rebar cutter requirements, the answer is CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation! 


Our hand held bar cutters are durable and accurate


Our portable bar cutters are single phased yet powerful


Our portable bar cutters can cut up to 25mm rebars


Our bar cutter has been made with high quality materials


Our hand held bar cutters are trusted by contractors nationwide


Our rebar cutter is a single phased machine for flexible cutting


Our hand held bar cutters are only 23kg making lightweight


Our bar cutters come with a metal box for safe keeping


Our portable rebar cutters come with the full spare parts

3 reviews for 25mm Hydraulic Rebar Cutter
Precise and High Quality Bar Cutter

  1. Paul

    I have used different models of handy cutters from different brands but it is a no brainer for me to say that the TYC-NHD25 electric rebar handy cutter from CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation is by far the most durable and easy to use handy cutter in the market!

  2. Jerome

    Very handy and easy to use

  3. James K.

    I have tried hydraulic rebar from different brands. The TYC-NHD25 from CNB is truly the best I have tried. It is also good that they also sell the spare parts that are ready and on hand.

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