What is rebar fabrication and its importance in the Philippine construction sites

rebar fabrication

If you are part of the construction industry, you may be familiar with rebars – also known as fabricated rebars or deformed bars. Rebars are crucial in the construction industry – particularly the project sites as the rebars serve as the backbone of concretes that are laid out. And so, concretes and rebars go hand in hand so that a building or any construction project can withstand force and time.

This is why rebar fabrication is so important. If rebars are not fabricated on time, there will be a great delay in the construction sites. And as you may know, time is very important in the construction industry just as it is in any other industry. This is why construction projects sites have rebar benders and rebar cutters that can be easily accessible to fabricate rebars to the size and angle the project requires.

Rebar Fabrication’s bread and butter – the bar bender and bar cutter

As mentioned earlier, project sites require rebars in specific lengths and angles depending on what they are building. For an example, if a construction company is set to build pillars, they would need to fabricate rebars that are spirally bent. This is where spiral rebar benders are introduced. Spiral rebar benders like our TYR-HD32A which can spirally bend until 32mm rebars would be crucial for project sites that need to fabricate enough rebars that are spirally bent.

Simplifying rebar fabrication with rebar benders and rebar cutters

Just like the spiral rebar bender mentioned earlier, construction companies equip themselves with rebar benders and rebar cutters that will tremendously simplify the rebar fabricating process for the construction workers. Rather than making your construction workers manually bend and cut rebars, using electric rebar benders and electric rebar cutters will save time and energy. Fabricating rebars by bending and cutting rebars will be easier using machines.

Rebar Fabrication requires skill and expertise

Although it may seem like fabricating rebars would be simple with the help of bar benders and bar cutters, it still requires skill to operate the machine. Now don’t get us wrong, electric rebar benders and electric rebar cutters greatly help construction workers in fabricating rebars in the construction site by its semi-automatic and automatic control system. However, rebar bending and rebar cutting also requires skill to carefully bend the rebars, and to be able to concentrate in the repetitive process. Machine operators must always be careful when fabricating rebars using rebar cutting machines and rebar bending machines.

In the unfortunate case that your electric rebar bender or rebar cutter suddenly stops working or if any of its parts breakdown, stay calm and contact our after sales team. Because we know the importance of rebar fabrication, CNB Machinery and Steel Corporation has exerted a lot of effort in being able to provide the unrivaled after sales service to our valuable clients. This comes in the form of online consultation to the machine operators, on-site visits to investigate the rebar benders and rebar cutters, in-house machine repair service, and also the availability of spare parts of your rebar fabricating machines. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our after sales team for your machines to be inspected.

Check out our rebar fabricating machines

To check out our machines that are used for rebar fabrication like our rebar benders and rebar cutters, we highly recommend you to check out our Youtube channel that shows our subscribers videos of machine demos and tips in maintaining the machine and preventing machine breakdowns. Click this link to be lead to our Youtube channel that has a lot of videos that machine operators and people from the construction companies can refer to for our machines.