Why is it important to purchase an authentic carbon brush?

Authentic carbon brush

A carbon brush is a very small part of our rebar bender and rebar cutter. In our case, the carbon brush can be found in our our TYC-NHD25, TYB-D26 and our TYB-D35 which has armatures. The carbon brush is a sliding contact used in electric motors to transport electrical current from a static to a revolving part. The carbon brush starter may be a very small item, but the function of the carbon brush is an important role of being able transfer the electrical currents to the motor to ignite the machine.

What will happen to your rebar bender or rebar cutter once your carbon brush is consumed?

There will come a time when the carbon brush of your machine will be consumed. You can notice signs that the carbon brush starter of your rebar bender or rebar cutter is fully or almost fully consumed when your machines struggle to exert the same force as they used to before. For an instance, the roller of your rebar bender takes longer than usual to rotate to 90° or 180°. Or, your rebar cutter will have a weaker force in cutting the rebars. When these can be seen in your machines, it is most likely that the carbon brush has been fully consumed.

What should I do if my carbon brush is no longer usable and fully consumed?

As mentioned previously, once you notice that your rebar bender or rebar cutter is not showing the same performance level, it will be best to check the carbon brush by checking the armature. Once you have checked that the carbon brush is fully consumed, contact us by calling our sales team at 09178837792 or 09178837793, or by simply sending us an email at [email protected] so that our sales team can immediately prepare a quotation for you. You may also message us on our Facebook Page to inquire about the carbon brush.

How can I replace the carbon brush myself?

The carbon brush is extremely easy to remove and replace. First step is to remove the carbon cap, which serves as the cover that makes the carbon brush intact inside the armature. Second step is to pull out the carbon brush from the socket. You will notice that after continuous usage of the machine, the carbon brush will no longer be in its original shape. Third, once the used carbon brush has been removed, you will simply have to slide in the new carbon brush into the socket and properly seal it with the carbon cap.

What are the things that I must avoid when it comes to replacing the carbon brush?

When it comes to replacing your old carbon brush, we highly recommend our clients to purchase the carbon brush from our warehouse which is the authentic carbon brush used in the rebar bender and rebar cutter. The authentic carbon brush that we provide our client perfectly fits in the armature. Sometimes, we could come across some clients who would buy carbon brushes that are not authentic and would shave the carbon brush themselves to forcibly fit it in their armatures.

Although it may work, the inauthentic carbon brush not in the right shape, size and texture will ultimately be easier to be worn out, leading it to be prone to spark and more damages. Incorrect replacement of the carbon brush will not only damage the carbon brush, but also the other parts of machine which will increase the cost of repair. We highly recommend our client to watch the video clip in the link below: The Importance of an Authentic Carbon Brush


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