Why is it important to purchase an authentic carbon brush?

Authentic carbon brush

A carbon brush is a very small part of our rebar bender and rebar cutter. In our case, the carbon brush can be found in our our TYC-NHD25, TYB-D26 and our TYB-D35 which has armatures. The carbon brush is a sliding contact used in electric motors to transport electrical current from a static to a…

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Why our Bar Cutter Machines are worth investing

Our bar cutter machines line up

What makes our bar cutter machines different from the others? The construction site is a very demanding environment. Deadlines have to be met and hours are very important because it directly translates to cost. Rebars have to be constantly ready in the right length no matter what the scale and size of the project is. …

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How can you use our Collar Jigs to its Maximum Potential?

High Quality Collar Jigs

The Collar Jig Guide for our Bar Bending Machines Our bar bending machines – TYB-D26, TYB-D35, TYB-HD42A and TYB-HD42D all have collar jigs. The jigs are inserted in our bar bending machines when the machine operator is tasked to bend 10mm diameter rebars and 12mm diameter rebars. Our jigs are engraved with “10” on one…

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The 42mm Bar Cutter that turns rebars into butter

42mm bar cutter

The Bar Cutter that turns 42mm diameter rebars into butter Cutting rebars definitely is not an easy task. What more if the rebar is 42mm in diameter right? Our 42mm bar cutter – the TYC-HD42A is the perfect solution for that task. Equipped with a 5 horsepower motor, the 42mm bar cutter has been designed…

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When are Spiral Rebar Benders used in a Construction Site?

32mm spiral bar bender

When are Spiral Rebar Benders used? When it comes to civil projects that are huge in scale like bridge construction, subway work and other land base filling projects, not only are electric rebar cutters and rebar benders used, but a spiral bender is also essential as well. Spirally bent deformed bars (rebars) will be reinforced…

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